Animal Days – Toddler Tales Day 1

Today's Focus : AnimalsLearning : Identify Animals, Animal sounds, Indoor Animal Bingo game, find the Animal game, Easy to Draw Animals, pretend play cave, and a lot moreToddlers love animals and the best gift for them is to meet them at the nationals parks, zoos, aquariums or at least have a pet. Sadly we cannot… Continue reading Animal Days – Toddler Tales Day 1


Gratitude + Reflection post #blogchatterA2Z #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi

I completed #blogchatter successfully!(Easy to say but one month was a roller coaster ride )This is officially my first good news of 2019. This challenge has helped me unearth the potential in me. I found a community which supported and encouraged me everyday.My Blog theme helped me journal every important thought and memory of my… Continue reading Gratitude + Reflection post #blogchatterA2Z #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi


Zappier and Zazzier days with Zzzleepless nights: Day 26 of #blogchatterA2Z

End of wedding stories and sleepless nights The Wedding stories are full of sleepless nights. The over use of zzz is to tell you how much zzz did I miss. Basically no Sleep at all. Have you ever attended a marriage where you see everyone clad in their best suits and sarees with tip-top makeup… Continue reading Zappier and Zazzier days with Zzzleepless nights: Day 26 of #blogchatterA2Z


Yes, I do : Day 25 #blogchatterA2Z #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi

In Bollywood Every love story has a friend, a lover, a sister, a father, a mother and a villain. Our love story had all of these. We were never meant to be together. We were from different colleges, we had different likes, we got placed in different IT companies, we were from different cities, he… Continue reading Yes, I do : Day 25 #blogchatterA2Z #myweddingdreamsbyurvashi