Find Happiness In Life !

Do any one thing today to live a happy life My Dad always said "Kaka be cheerful". Find time in your busy lives to be happy. Try and do any one thing from the list. 1. Say THANK YOU to the universe ! 2. Say I LOVE YOU to your partner or kids 3. WRITE… Continue reading Find Happiness In Life !


How to achieve your new year resolutions in 2020 ?

A flashback to 2019 resolutions and what happened Before we start please take out a moment and fill this survey on New year resolutions. I make new year's resolutions every year.  and you might as well guess it right that the month of January is most active month of my year.  Because, This is the… Continue reading How to achieve your new year resolutions in 2020 ?

DIYs and Play Ideas

DIYs and play ideas

List of DIYs and Play ideas to keep children engaged inside the house (PART 1) DIYS and games with Cardboard boxes Color the box – As the name suggests all you need to do is color the box everywhere – inside, outside, edges. It will take up at least twenty to thirty minutes and finally… Continue reading DIYs and play ideas