Book Review – Influence by Robert Cialdini on Audible

I am reviewing this audio book – Influence by Robert Cialdini. I was listening to this book on Audible because my toddler spoils all pages. This book is available on Amazon audible to its members at one credit or you can even purchase it as a non member.

Influence by Robert Cialdini is a lengthy book but good to listen.  Further more understand how we end up buying things we don’t want, why we can’t say no. Most importantly how sales people trick us. This books contains many tips to influence customers and buyers.

review of the book Influence by Robert Cialdini
review of the book Influence by Robert Cialdini

Book Summary

Main 6 principles to influence are reciprocity, consistency, social proof, liking , authority, scarcity.

  1. Reciprocity – Here Cialdini by explains giving small gifts to people they feel to reciprocate. It could be in a similar or a bigger way. Like giving free resources, exclusive discounts , etc which will lead customer to buying a product
  2. Consistency and commitment – This principle focuses on getting people to commit on unharmful yet Simple ideas. Ideas which will pave way for a bigger commitment. For example asking to sign a petition for nature conservation. Further it leads them to donate if requested. It is because they need to be consistent with their image. The image was created while signing the petition.
  3. Social Proof – We tend to do things which everyone else is doing. Like how we share in group about our reading victories to inspire other members in reading clubs. Another good example could be sharing your step counts on gym club board. See how social media works on us.
  4. Liking – This principle is no secret. We all tend to purchase stuff from people we like. We also like people who are more similar to us. For example we support business and Instagram page of everyone in our friend circle, mom clubs.
  5. Authority- We often do things when suggested by experts of a field. Like Doctors for health, Guru’s for spiritual guidance, other mom’s for parenting tips
  6. Scarcity- Anything which is not available becomes precious and more in demand. This is the reality of limited period offers. This is everywhere shopping malls, e-commerce sites, educational programs, internet pack etc. While I review this book Influence by Robert Cialdini below is my takeaway.

My takeaways and learning from this book

  1. Always ask yourself why you are saying “Yes”
  2. Take a decision to help or support someone but never in kind
  3. When there is a sale or discount or early birds offer ask yourself at least 3 times do I really need this?
  4. Don’t accept free products. Free products are obligation not happiness
  5. When you are a customer look who is trying to influence you
  6. Beware of Social media influence

Why Amazon Audible

I am using Amazon’s audible. They are very good as you can listen any time doing cleaning or driving. I started with freely available books on YouTube, free websites. Audio books are like podcast so if you want to start you can try Spotify.
I try to get pdf version Nd audio of the book together so I can read faster.

Audio book are like podcast so if you want to start you can try Spotify.
I try to get PDF version and audio of the book together so I can read faster.

Recommend this book

My review of the book Influence by Robert Cialdini is straight forward. I would not recommend this book for everyone as it’s too long and you really need to have greater motivation. It’s better for long time reading over months or year. I even like reading it in parts. I read it because I always found myself in situations where I was complying to others request and never being able to say no.

Its also wonderful to understand the psychology of influence through this book. The nick-picks how the human brain functions is very interesting.

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