Blogging in 2020!

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Blogging goal of year 2020

It’s a new blogging year. A fresh day and another opportunity to live and share about a happy life! I start working on my first GREAT goal of the year to write a blog post every week.

Blogging in 2020

Ultimate Blogging Challenge in January 2020

This week I am thrilled, filled with lot of zeal and enthusiasm because I am also participating in the Ultimate blogging challenge January 2020. I will try to Write One Post Every Day for this challenge. I know it’s an ambitious task but we can only succeed when we try. If you have an urge inside to write but always wanted a push this is the right time. Take the leap of faith and join me in this challenge to write a post every day. I feel that the first step to Blogging is ability to express. So if you are also interested in blogging choose a medium according to comfort and start sharing your feelings.

BlogChatter A to Z in April 2020

Like last year I will also take part in Blogchatter A to Z in April 2020 where I will write a post every day of the month except take rest on Sunday. In this blogging challenge I will choose a theme for my posts and every day the title will have the alphabet of the day. Last year my theme was my wedding dreams. I shared many of my wedding stories, funny incidents, tips, how-to, mishaps, perfect moments everything on my blog. I am yet to decide the theme but the planning has started.

My friend Alexa in October 2020

Next challenge I will be doing is Blogchatter’s My friend Alexa. This challenge is usually held during the months or September/October 2020. Once again a theme will be chosen and during the month I will write a minimum of 8 blogs. Meaning two posts a week. This challenge is also a great way to make new friends because of its unique Reading list of 200+ posts ensures the learning continues during this blogging challenge.

What are your plans?

Share with me what are your plans for your blogging calendar this 2020. I will keep updating this post so keep an eye on the revisions in upcoming future.

Blog Check List in the making

I plan to work on a checklist in months of February and March so that I will use it when I publish my posts during this year 2020 and reduce the amount of time I waste on getting the post published or seo optimized.

8 thoughts on “Blogging in 2020!”

  1. Hi Urvashi, nice to meet you via UBC and looking forward to reading more of your posts each day this month. I have been doing the UBC for a bit now and the community is totally wonderful and supportive. I have made a lot of friends through this challenge.

  2. Wow, you have some very ambitious blogging plans. I think that is amazing. I haven’t heard of these other different challenges, but I will look in to them. Tap in to that creativity!

    1. Absolutely. They are super fun. Moreover a very close knit community just like this one at UBC

  3. I like your A-to-Z idea. I think that would be a helpful inspiration if the UBC idea doesn’t spark the writing flame. Nice meeting you!

  4. Best wishes on your Blog Journey. While I am doing the UBC I find it hard to keep up. Two to three posts a week is better for me, but I am close to being up-to-date on this challenge.

    1. I too am struggling but inspired everytime I see everyone commenting and posting. It’s amazing how community helps and works for us.

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