My name Urvashi means in hindu mythology an apsara from Indralok. She was one of the best dancers.

My name has a lot of influence on my attitude and thinking in life. I consider myself one of the luckiest and privileged to be born in this world to my parents. The upbringing I got has always encouraged me to be better than myself and look forward to a brighter future.

I am a wonderful dancer and my lust for art is evident. I have a lot of hobbies like crafting, painting, blogging, doodling, diy and activities for my son, cursive writing, cooking, dancing, photography, reiki.

I live by rule to help everyone and probably that is one of the reasons why I never say no. The happiness in seeing someone smile is my true happiness. Simple things like a fresh lunch, chocolate, a new color, a toy, meeting someone, a thank you or a good job makes me delighted. Oh sometimes the increasing stats on my blog is extremely satisfying.

Damuru Creations is a collaboration between me and my sister. It started when we were kids and would make our cards under the collective name, Damu from Damini and Uru from Urvashi, “DamUru”. The creative card making still continues and that is how this page came into being. Though I don’t sell my crafts nowadays but I am planning to rethink about it.

In case you are wondering what did I do to live and earn my bread and butter till now. I am a software developer with 8 years of corporate experience with IBM and Accenture. I never returned back after my son Vaidik was born. I was a workaholic then but no difference now. I still do the same kind of labour, just kidding.

My blogging journey started after my Dad passed in 2019. It did put us in shock and dampen my spirits but he always said no matter what Kaka Be Cheerful always. In these times I realised the importance of mental health, need of societal support, motivating family and love.

Now I blog with an intent to share my experiences, tips and lessons learnt in my daily life. I bring the best of all I have and put on my blog for my readers. I blog about parenting under tag #growwithdamuru. You will see a lot of my blog is my personal journey and experience and I am totally proud to share it with you.

My life is a crazy out of the suitcase kinds every month I am in a different city or country running between family calling and life. But it’s a fun-filled thriller that I love living and sharing with you all.

Sharing my love and hugs to you 😍

Think positive and be happy!

Kaka Be Cheerful

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